In home care could be the answer you’re looking for because it is a more economical alternative to assisted living at a nursing home. Why?
Because moving your elders into an assisted living home means selling their belongings and home, finding a realtor, a moving company, attorneys and most of all huge monthly bills for the nursing home care. Home care with us means keeping your loved ones in their own home, and our in home caregiver are here to take care of them. Our in home care service are a fraction of the cost of a nursing home. Did you know the average median annual cost for a private room in a Pennsylvania nursing home is $99,280? That’s over $8000 a month.

Advantages of At Home Care for Elderly

You may be thinking it's cost efficient to hire a nurse or non-medical aide directly - may want to think again

We believe working with our at home care company alleviates you of all the headaches and legal responsibilities. Instead, we’ll deal with the caregivers at home, including:

  • Payroll taxes
  • Workers compensation
  • Senior At Home Care Services
  • Scheduling
  • Unemployment insurance and liability

Just Kare Senior In Home Care Services hires only the best, loving, caring and dependable at home caregivers to ensure they perform your tasks safely and compassionately.

Training for patients with Alzheimer’s dementia is provided, including professionalism, infection control, fall prevention, emergency preparation and much more.

Our staff goes wherever your loved ones need elderly at home care. Our staff can even provide one-to-one services for seniors during hospital stays or after admission to an assisted living facility, ensuring that seniors maintain the high level of at home care services and companionship they deserve. Our at home caregivers are available for you or your loved ones even on vacation or overnight stays!

What Senior At Home Care Services We Provide

Our care provider can also provide companionship to an older adult in need of elderly at home care or an adult with a disability - engaging in a favorite hobby, watching movies or simply just someone to talk with.

Our at home caregiver will also help with routine activities like helping them get into a chair, housekeeping, and bathing. When we care for seniors at home we always go the extra mile to ensure their utmost comfort.

At Home Caregiver provides Peace of Mind

On the other hand, if your direct hire aide steals or harms you in any way, sad to say you’ll be on your own. We are proud to say that our staff at Just Kare Senior In Home Care Services has never had an incident of theft or injury!

In order to ensure the best care for seniors at home we do criminal background checks on all at home caregivers that we hire. We have an extensive interview process, and we also have insurance that will cover from caregivers at home in the case of a theft.

Another reason to use our at home care services is that our at home caregivers are our employees, which means we pay all of their taxes and Worker’s Compensation fees. If your direct hire at home caregiver gets injured on the job, the Worker’s Compensation Bureau can come to your loved one looking for compensation if she files a claim.

What’s the Cost of At Home Care Services

What's the cost and is it covered?

We’ll help you see if the Medicaid Aging Waiver and the lottery-funded OPTIONS program may pay for your at home care for seniors for eligible individuals. Services provided by personal care / private duty homecare agencies are sometimes referred to as custodial care, assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) tasks or instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) tasks. If the person requiring at home care for elderly has long-term care insurance, homecare services may be covered. Call the insurance provider to find out. If the person requiring care is an older adult you might qualify for the Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program offered by the local Area Agency on Aging. You can call your local Area Agency on Aging for more information and eligibility requirements.